I’ve arrived!!!

The day has finally come! Currently, I’m writing this on my flight to Roanoke, but tonight I will be staying at a hotel in Troutville, Virginia so that in the morning I can start my hike refreshed and well rested with a good complimentary breakfast in my tummy. Thank you Drew! I’m starting to get the butterflies in my stomach and my excitement level is now increasing.


Flying allegiant air



Landed in virginia. Can't wait to get to those mountains!

 I can’t believe I am here right now. It felt like it was going to take forever, but I finally finished school, I have a master’s degree, and now I get to go on this hike I’ve been longing for. I will only be gone for a month, but I hope I get a lot out of this next month. I’m hoping to experience something truly on my own. Along the way, I may find myself asking for rides into town, or chatting it up with the through hikers in the shelters, but I’m very excited to wake up every morning and do what I want to do, without having to listen to anyone else’s suggestions or concerns. I just need a moment of solitude.

Anyway, I thought I would share in this post some of the things I will be starting out with, including my food. We’ll see if I end up getting rid of anything!


My food for 5 to 6 days

To start out, I will be taking 5-6 days of food. Many through hikers will only carry 2-3 days worth of food, but my intention in this trip is to go into town as little as possible.

For breakfast I will have an instant oatmeal and poptarts. In the early stage of this hike (before that hiker hunger kicks in) I might just go with 1 of these.

Lunch consists of some variety: cliff bars, tuna salad on tortillas with some cheese, beef jerky, trail mix and peanut butter. Again, most likely won’t be eating all of these things every day to start out, but we will see when the hiker hunger kicks in.

Dinner mostly consists of pasta and rice sides mixed in with some instant mashed potatoes and some powerade drink mix. I might pick up one of those dehydrated hiker meals at the outfitter I have to go to in Troutville, where I also have to pick up lighters and alcohol for my stove.

And for dessert, peanut butter and sleep.

Hopefully I won’t starve! 😛

Oh, and happy mother’s day mom! Sorry I couldn’t spend it with you but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet. I love you and everyone else who has encouraged me to go through with this adventure! I can’t wait to share my stories with you!

One thought on “I’ve arrived!!!

  1. 😍 BONNIE!!!!!! Congradulations ❤️ I’m so excited and happy for you. Call or e mail me if you need anything! Make sure you put on tons of sunscreen. And enjoy. ☺️

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