Day 1: mile 729.8 to 739, 9.2 miles

Today was a good first day I would say. According to mile markers I only went 9.2 but that doesn’t include the 1.5 I hiked to the outfitter in Daleville or the 1 mile hike to get to the trail from hotel. It was certainly over 10 miles today. Early in the day a hiker passed me name Wall-E. Little did he know how obsessed I am. I ran into him again at Fullhardt Knob shelter. We both had lunch and talked about where we are from. He also warned me that nora virus has been striking people who have been sleeping in the shelters. Good thing I have a tent! He moves on and I move on shortly after. Didn’t end up running into him again. Ran into another hiker passing me name Warton. We walked about a mile together and had a nice conversation about what we do, where we’re from, and how his wife felt about him doing a thru hike. I continue on for a while. Today was very hot and humid with very little clouds. I’m surprised I didn’t get a massive headache but I took some aleve at the hotel this morning. Towards the end of my hike today I stopped at a stream and put my feet in. Damn, did it feel so good. A little less than a mile after that is wilson creek shelter where i am staying for the night. Along with me is Po Boy from new orleans,  50 + who is an older gentleman and another older gentleman I didn’t get the name of. Overall it was very good first day. I had a couple of moments where I asked myself what was I thinking, but my spirit you still high. I do miss Drew a little bit already, but only because I wish he could see what I’m seeing. It’s only 8 pm but I believe I am powering down for the evening.


Hopping on the trail


Cow pasture



Excuse me cow



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