Day 3: 11.9 miles today, 34.9 total

Today was ROUGH. ALL UPHILL. My feet are a disaster.  I miss Drew and Lucy. I cried in my tent tonight because I don’t know if this hike has the same allure without someone there to share it with. But Drew’s words were encouraging. “Just keep going Bon. You knew it would be hard.” His words do help. 

The day started out fantastic. The first 3.5 miles flew by,  but after that I hiked uphill nearly 3000′. It felt like I was walking straight up.

There was more trail magic this morning in a lunch cooler, Fresca and brownies. There was beer in there too, but I can’t imagine having a beer at 9am and then hiking. 

I think these uphill days are what really get to me. I get discouraged because I watch thru hikers pass me and they are going so FAST. But they’ve been hiking nearly everyday for 2-3 months,  of course they are going to be faster!  My energy gets drained so quickly and I sweat so much and by the end of the day I’m just completely over it.  I looked at the rest of the elevation maps for my hike,  and right now is the toughest part. I just have to keep reminding myself that.  As long as I can get past the next few days,  it will quite literally be all down hill from there.



Trail magic AGAIN!!!


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