Day 4: 17.7 miles today, 52.6 miles total

Today was LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG, but my spirits are much higher than they were yesterday.  That constant uphill yesterday did me in. Today was mostly downhill,  with some ridiculous uphill boulders to climb over. I left camp around 7:45 again and had an uphill climb to start out with.  Once I got to Apple Orchard Mountain, I made a phone call to Three Springs Hostel for Sunday night where I plan on taking a “nero” (near zero mile) day. I passed another section hiker who is doing the same hike as me but in the opposite direction,  and he told me a lot of amazing things about this hostel. I am certainly going to need that day of soon.

After lunch at Thunder Ridge shelter I hiked 12.4 miles to Matts Creek Shelter. I think my feet are going to fall off. Not the entire foot,  but my big toenail on my left foot looks disastrous. I taped an alcohol swab to it for the night, hopefully that will dry out the blisters.


Apple Orchard Mountain


I don't think I'm ready to cut my own arm off


Matts Creek Shelter. Such a nice place to soak my feet

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