Day 5: 12.7 miles today, 65.3 total

Another physically and emotionally rough day. A lot of uphill again today,  and my toes are starting to freak me out a bit. I drained my blisters this evening and used someone’s Neosporin to hopefully help them heal tonight. 

Last night was good.  I’ve been sleeping like a rock out here.  I was nervous about the chilly nights,  but I have been very cozy in my sleeping bag. The campsite at Matts Creek was very nice as well,  and next to a beautiful creek….obviously.

The first part of the day up until Johns Hollow Shelter was nice and flat. After that it was a very steep uphill climb.  I passed one guy at the shelter who was heading out, and his pack must have weighed 70 pounds. He said he was aiming to reach this shelter I’m at tonight,  but he never made it. I also noticed he had a gun on his belt,  which was a little off-putting to me.  On the way up to the shelter I also passed a thru hiker sitting on the side of the trail named “007” who said she felt sick,  but didn’t need help.  She said she didn’t want to get anyone else sick if she had the flu or norovirus or something. She showed up shortly after me,  but I hope she’s ok. 

I was feeling very defeated again today. I feel a little lonely not talking to anyone for 10 hours a day. This morning I was talking to “Magnum” who camped at the shelter as well with his wife “Cocoa.” I was asking him what it was like to be thru hiking with her and he talked about how much he absolutely loves it because they make such a good team. Hearing that really made me miss my teammate. Maybe I misread myself but not having a partner to walk with and share experiences with is kind of dull.

Anyway, just 1 more day until my zero day and I NEED IT. I think I may actually ask the hostel if they can shuttle me up to Waynesboro so I can avoid some really tough terrain. Maybe that’s cheating, but at this point I really need to take care of my feet. I will still feel proud of myself making it to Harper’s Ferry regardless if I hiked those 40 miles or not.


The best part of my day...flat!!!!


The James river



I was down there a couple of hours ago!

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