Day 6: 9.5 miles today, 74.8 total

Today was MUCH better. I need to do more days like this. I did 9.5 miles today, which is still pretty far, but I think I hit my sweet spot. The terrain was moderate, with even amounts of uphill and downhill and lots of flat areas. I think I’ve just been pushing myself too hard and getting discouraged. I need go sloooooowwwww down.

The bugs were absolutely horrible today, constantly in my face, spiderwebs all over me, and it was extremely hot and humid all day. Several hikers passed me today, a lot of them doing section hikes, which is really encouraging. You know, thru hiking might not be the right thing for me, but I don’t feel so bad about hiking the entire AT in sections. Every time a thru hiker asks me if I’m a thru hiker as well, I say, “no, I’m section hiking from Daleville to Harper’s Ferry” and their reaction is always the same: “Oh wow! That’s a big section!” It makes me feel as though I’m a little bit more than a typical section hiker.

So my day hiking ended around 2:30 pm. I set up my tent, hung a bear bag, had some food and dipped my feet in the creek next to the shelter. I pretty much took a bath in the creek. It felt so damn good to get my hair wet with something other than sweat.

Tomorrow morning I’m getting picked up around 9am and heading to the hostel. Thank god! My soul and my feet need a break. I’m jumping to Waynesboro Monday and hopefully camping for free at the Ymca. I really need to rest my feet. I don’t feel bad at all “yellow blazing” (following the yellow lines on the road) that section. I want to enjoy this hike, and the terrain I am on right now is not allowing that. I want my toes back.


Me and my new bud "50+"


Reached mile marker 800 on the trail

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