Day 7: 2.0 miles today, 76.8 total

REST DAY at Three Springs Hostel!!! Woke up at 5:30 am, packed up my shit, and hiked anxiously towards US60 where Marsha from the hostel picked me up. While I waited I called mom and debated whether or not I wanted her to send me my Nikes or not. Marsha showed up, took me to the hostel where I ran into “50+” and “Pieper.” Oma, the owner, took them back to the AT and I sat and had 2 glorious cups of coffee while I waited for her to get back. Once she did, she showed me around and afterwards I took the most amazing shower I’ve ever had…in a walk in tub. I had a snack, did some laundry, hung my tent out on the line to dry since it had rained the night before, gave my feet some TLC, and took a nap. Wow, I feel so much better!!! It’s amazing how much you can appreciate such simple things when you don’t have them for a 6 day span, like a shower or using lotion, or a hot cup of coffee.

Oma is shuttling me to Waynesboro tomorrow where I plan on camping at the YMCA and resupplying over there. I was going to maybe go to the outfitter in town to buy a different pair of shoes, but I loosened up the shoelaces yesterday on my current pair and that seemed to help a lot.

Tonight has been magnificent. The hosts made us burgers, corn on the cob, salad, and ice cream for dessert. It was so delicious. I’m here with “61,” “papa,” and “tally” who are all older, retired gentlemen. They are all pretty awesome and determined and do like over 20 miles a day. I can only hope that when I’m 60 I’m in as good of shape as these guys! I played some guitar for them and they told me some pretty good trail stories in return.

I can’t wait for breakfast in the morning and to move forward to Waynesboro! 


The best pic I have of me and "Pieper" and "50+"


The best porch for drinking coffee on


Hang out room


A bed!!!!! With a pillow!!!!



The hostel cat "skitty" and his glorified water bowl


Real food!!!


Me and the three springs hostel crew of may 17!

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