I’m alive!!!

I haven’t had Internet service for a while l, but here is my updates! I’m just gonna slam a couple days of stuff on here at one time so enjoy!

Day 2: 13.8 miles today, 23 total

What a long day! I left Wilson Creek Shelter at about 7:30 this morning, so I got a great start. Had a first lunch at a picnic table in front of an overlook which was beautiful, then 2nd lunch at Bobblet’s Gap where I met “Chappy” who was a gentlemen in his mid 30s from Clearwater. He later passed me on the trail, but I ran into him again at a road crossing where 2 gals named “Apple Butter” and Gwen were handing out trail magic. Whooo! Trail magic already?! I grabbed an ice cold Gatorade and an apple and sat down for 15 minutes or so and chatted with them and then it was time to move on. My feet are already starting to show some wear and tear.  I may have pushed myself too far today, but I do feel accomplished and I know I’ll sleep well tonight. The 2 older gentlemen that were at the shelter last night are here as well,  “50+” and “Pieper” as well as 2 girls with a dog and another guy.


The best view at lunch time


Crossing the Blue Ridge Parkway


Trail magic with Chappy, Apple Butter and Gwen


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