Day 18: 10.9 miles today. 166.6 total

Today started off a little slowly. Left the hostel around 9am with a group of hikers. Mike, the owner of the hostel, dropped one off at the grocery store, 2 ladies off at the car rental place, another one off at the dentist, and then dropped me and “no regrets” off at mile 982 on the trail. Since I took a day off yesterday, but am still anxious to get home, I “yellow blazed” a little bit. So what…kill me.

It was so god damn hot today, and humid, with absolutely no breeze. Half way through the day my cloths are already soaking wet. At about mile 6 there was a road crossing where someone had trail magic waiting. I typically don’t drink sodas, but I swung back 2 Mountain Dews like they were going to get taken away from me. Again, headed into the woods and had to go uphill after that. made it to the shelter around 4pm. It was kind of an uneventful day. I’m just ready to go home.


Harpers ferry, almost home!





More trail magic, keeping my spirits up!

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