Day 19: 9.9 miles today, 176.5 miles total

This was a brutal day. I had to hike through a section of trail called “The Roller Coaster,” which is a total of 13.5 miles of tedious, strenuous uphills and downhills, full frontal attack, no switchbacks. It was rough. But I survived….most of it. I still have to tackle 3.5 miles of the roller coaster tomorrow morning before, what seems like, a relatively easy hike into Harpers Ferry. I’ll be tackling over 20 miles tomorrow, but I think I can do it. Plus, it will be my last day on the trail and it would be really great to go home and said I did a 20 mile day.

I have eaten so much food today. I think that “hiker hunger” is starting to settle in, even though I’m about to head back home. Hopefully it won’t follow me home either. I’m heading into the Appalachian Trail headquarters on Sunday where there is weigh scale to see if I’ve lost any weight. I’ll be using this as an opportunity to kick start a healthy path for myself once I get back home, and at this point, I’m craving it. Literally, I’m craving salads and fresh fruit like crazy because there is NONE OF IT on the trail.

After 10 miles of strenuous hiking today I’ve finally landed at Bear’s Den Hostel which is right off of the AT and is completely beautiful. It’s located inside a stone-lodge house built in the 1930’s. I’m actually tenting outside though, since it will be my last opportunity to tent out before going home. I’ll be staying in Harpers Ferry tomorrow night and getting on a train and a plane on Sunday.

Wish me luck on my 20 mile day tomorrow!!!


Great. I'm gonna die.


Boulders and rocks today. All. Day.


Oh, and mountain stairs!!!


Reached mile 1000 on the AT


Absolutely soaking wet with sweat. I hiked in my sports bra today.


Bears Den hostel. What a gorgeous place


And I decided to camp outside 😛

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